ROSE Land Care Association

New Moon is located in Ailsa Craig (27093 New Ontario Road) on a unique farm held by a nonprofit corporation called ROSE Land Care Association. The mission of the non-profit is to protect the land for future generations in ways that are ecologically sound and focus on sustainable/biodynamic farming practices. New Moon runs as a social enterprise with both economic and social/environmental impact goals. The farm is designed to encourage community participation in farming and engages in research and educational activities promoting sustainable development.

ROSE Website

Investment Readiness Program 

Working with ROSE we are participating in the Investment Readiness Program. We are working to contribute to a resilient local food system through farming and community agriculture. ROSE Land Care Association holds title to the land and buildings protecting it for future generations and biodynamic agriculture. New Moon Community Homestead is operating to fulfill the ROSE mission on the a social enterprise. The Investment readiness fund is helping us to explore the needs of the farm for the future and to create a plan to succeed. We have identified three areas of focus for investment readiness: 1. scaling up the agricultural operations on the farm; 2. increasing on farm accommodations; and 3. doing more on-farm food processing i.e. pickling, baking, meat packaging.